Confronting the mayhem in Media and Marketing

Natural, Learned, & Yearned

A social psychologist, anthropologist, or even a sociologist may have a more refined point of view on the topic of workplace efficiency gained from intrinsic or extrinsic motivations. But let me offer this simple observation.

There are things that we are good at and require little effort to perform. We say you have talent or “you are a natural.” Singers, like Susan Boyle, are often said to have “God-given talent” that they were “born with.”

There are things that we have to learn. Kobe Bryant makes a 3-point shot seem easy but negates the thousands of practice attempts that lead up to the game winning shot. Likewise, Stephen Hawking was not born a physicist but he may have always had a curiosity and propensity for learning.

Then there are things that we yearn to do. These are our passions from photography to gaming to kite boarding. We often arrange our lives to enable and support the things we want have to do. Consider Wikipedia contributors. A miniscule percentage of the total user base actually write and update all of that encyclopedic knowledge. Yet they do it in spite of getting paid (at least in monetary terms).

Should it not be the goal of every manager, business, and leader to merge the motivators for both customer and employee?

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