Confronting the mayhem in Media and Marketing


Today is July 4th. Most Americans are enjoying a day off. While this holiday is uniquely American, filled with outside activities, bar-b-ques and fireworks, all countries can mark this day on a calendar.

Over two hundred years ago broadsides, newspapers, and books rallied people around a common cause as the United States was forming. In recent years, social media and smart phones have formed the social glue to spark the revolutionary movements.

While the medium may change, the message usually doesn’t.


photo: leewright

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Place Matters for Mobile Barcodes

If you go to the 911 Memorial Park in New York City there are two things to know…

  1. You need to reserve free tickets online to be admitted for a specified time.
  2. There is a QR Code on on a poster saying scan me to get more information about the park. Great, right? Except there is a park attendent stationed in front of it telling everyone in line to put their cameras, including smart phones, away until inside the park.

With all of the other details to get right for mobile campaigns, do not forget the location of the barcode. Subways, airplanes, and conference centers, where network and WiFi connection are non-existent, are other lame places to put a mobile barcode.

photo: nedrichards

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A Pause

Feel free to take a look at the back catalog over the next week. There is over 800 to choose from. You can get there by the Topics or Older Articles links on the right.

Or you can enjoy your summer like I am.

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