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The Look & Smell of the Printed Page

Chip Kidd talks about his journey as a book cover designer for the publisher, Alfred A. Knopf, in this TED talk. It reminds us that sometimes the tactile, visual, and interruptive reinforcement given by a physical page share more of the story. Although all-things-digital provide us with instant abundance, it has yet to replace the weight of real.


Do you think digital inevitably will force us to place more value on the few real things we will continue to buy? Will there be enough market for these collector pieces to sustain the providers?

movie: TED

How to use the Kindle App to get Instapaper articles on your Android

Instapaper is a great utility that allows you to save web content for later reading. The program originally started as an add-on to your web browser but has now expanded into a paid app that you can put on your iPhone or iPad. One of the best features is that it strips out anything but text and images that are relevant to the actually content. All of the other webpage clutter begone.

Many of us, especially those who travel, now have a host of devices. In addition to your computer, you might also have a Kindle, a smartphone, and an iPad. Instapaper allows you to quickly save stuff from around the web until you are ready for it. There are other apps like Evernote that also perform this type of functionality but are not as simple or intuitive in my opinion.

There is not an Android app, but Android users can still get the content on their device by also using the Kindle app.

Instapaper to Kindle on Android

  1. Prerequisites: Sign-up for an Instapaper account and download the Kindle app to your Android phone
  2. Go to your online Instapaper account.
  3. On the right sidebar click the Kindle option under Download.
    ** Note: The download option grabs the content on the current page. Consider making a folder to organize the stuff you want to push to your Android/Kindle. 
  4. Save the file to your desktop.
  5. Now e-mail the file to your Kindle address – [username]
    Note: This e-mail address can be found under Manage Your Kindle, then Manage Your Device from your Amazon account.
  6. Amazon will send you an e-mail when the file has been synced to your device. 

Happy reading!

Natural, Learned, & Yearned

A social psychologist, anthropologist, or even a sociologist may have a more refined point of view on the topic of workplace efficiency gained from intrinsic or extrinsic motivations. But let me offer this simple observation.

There are things that we are good at and require little effort to perform. We say you have talent or “you are a natural.” Singers, like Susan Boyle, are often said to have “God-given talent” that they were “born with.”

There are things that we have to learn. Kobe Bryant makes a 3-point shot seem easy but negates the thousands of practice attempts that lead up to the game winning shot. Likewise, Stephen Hawking was not born a physicist but he may have always had a curiosity and propensity for learning.

Then there are things that we yearn to do. These are our passions from photography to gaming to kite boarding. We often arrange our lives to enable and support the things we want have to do. Consider Wikipedia contributors. A miniscule percentage of the total user base actually write and update all of that encyclopedic knowledge. Yet they do it in spite of getting paid (at least in monetary terms).

Should it not be the goal of every manager, business, and leader to merge the motivators for both customer and employee?

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