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Looking out of focus to see great things.

It’s about human advancement. Most of the true inventions of the world simply come to fruition from looking at a problem in a different way, then figuring out the solution. Flip the script and see what happens. This what researchers at the MIT Media Lab have been working on this year in the form of Bokodes, tiny beam of light at a specific brightness and angle that can be read like a barcode with a standard camera. After all the concept comes from the bokeh effect seen in our out of focus pictures. Bokodes, after migrating from the research labs, will have some considerable advantages over current methods like QR Codes: size, distance, data. Bokodes occupy less real estate and a less distracting design than current 2d barcodes while packing in more information. The biggest benefit is the distance at which they can be read – a 2.5 micron bokode can be read by a camera from over 13 feet away!

Bokeh Effect

Photo: (left) Shermee (right)  Lel4nd (busy)

How Bokodes Work

Augmented Reality Roundup

AR in the Wild

Home Depot

The big orange recently introduced an AR gift card for the holiday season. Point your computer to their gift card site and the gift card displays a Home Depot crate. Shake the card and the crate opens with another gift suggestion that you can buy with the value that is on your gift card.


Try furnish in your house before you buy. That is the idea behind Ikea's use of AR with their My.Ikea marketing.
Article at Mobile Marketer


The magazine "for men" launched their publication into the AR movement with the Robert Downey Jr. cover issue released this month. Esquire's implementation of AR is probably the most robust mainstream application of AR, especially in the publishing realm. See the video review at m-bossed.


More cutesy fluff than any interactive substance, the December issue of InStyle features a talking cover for Taylor Swift fans and a hard to navigate AR holiday gift guide.

Great AR Software


An app available for Android smartphones or iPhones that layers information over what is captured by the smartphone's camera. The company opened up an API for other programmers recently, so there should be more interesting uses soon.

See the Top 6 list at Mashable.

AR in the News

3-D Maps, Camera Phones Put 'Reality' in Augmented Reality, Wired
Augmented Planet Blog
ARvertising New

What will you be reading with next year?

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

A couple of days ago, the Wonderfactory and SI gave us a glimpse of what the future of the popular sports magazine could look like (post). Today we get to see another interpretation from the publisher, Bonnier, of titles like Popular Science. Both tell a story of digital creation and delivery which paints a difficult picture for publication printers. Sure, the switch will not be imminent but it will eventually happen just like radio, color TV, and the Internet.

Have you bought an e-reader or plan to next year?

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