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Your Magic Marketing Worksheet

Do you find it too difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry, your consumers, your competitors, et. al? Or are you a someone manning your permission based, inbound, and social marketing efforts who is always searching for new topics to target?

Now, thanks to SEO Gadget, there is a Google spreadsheet that brings back trending type information for your search term.

Specifically, the worksheet searches:

  • Google & Bing News
  • the most popular results from YouTube, Facebook (via AllThingsNow), Twitter, Digg, & Reddit
  • questions from Yahoo! Answers
  • search trends from Google Insights

You might be thinking cool but so what, right? Here are a few of the more interesting points searching with the term “drupa” revealed.

  • You could have answered Tom’s question “How is the Drupa exhibition useful for designers?” over at Yahoo! Answers.
  • The top four search terms were “drupa 2012″, “drupa 2008″, “drupa düsseldorf”, and “drupa messe” which would be good words to include in your headlines, blog posts, and press releases
  • The most popular item from Digg was from Drupa 2008 – something about a Xerox iGen3
  • According to Topsy, @hpgraphicarts has been the most prolific at mentioning Drupa on Twitter

What do you want to go search for? Local marketing, inbound marketing, small business marketing, digital printing, mobile barcodes, QR Codes, augmented reality, etc? Maybe these terms will lead you to the phrasing your “ideal customer” uses when searching for solution you can provide. Then you just need to create the informational, online breadcrumbs for them to find you.


photo: Minnesota Historical Society

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