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QRazy Marketing

Scott Stratten sums up, in a very funny way, the problems marketers are having with mobile barcodes.

Anyone familiar with M-bossed will know the misuse of mobile barcodes is no new topic here. Feel free to download the NOW: Mobile Barcodes e-book if you have not already.


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  • Stephen Eugene Adams

    Great presentation on bad uses of QR Codes. I have frequently received emails from companies with them included. There are company websites out there with them on the landing page. I have also seen them so dense that I can’t imagine too many smartphones being able to read them. Whenever one of our customers wants to put a QR code on a marketing piece, we have a long discussion with them about making sure that the code is readable, trackable and that it makes sense on the piece.

    • Ryan McAbee

      Great point Stephen! There needs to be a conversation about the need/purpose to having a mobile barcode before simply committing to it.
      Fun video to get that point across, eh?