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7 Steps to Liven up Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the forgotten step-child of the social web. If Facebook is your high school and Twitter your cocktail party, then LinkedIn is your professional water cooler. It allows you to tell colleagues and the business world who you are, what you like, and what you do well. Yet so many leave their profile on this social outpost looking like a vandalized ghetto. Below are some common sense steps to boost your profile and some not-so-common ways to use it.

Common Sense Steps for Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Add a professional looking, sharply focused, single identity photo. The social web and LinkedIn are all about people and we all want to see who you are.
  2. Write your “professional headline” like it is a newspaper or blog post title. Think of it as a combination between link bait and your professional self in a tweet. Keep it factual, interesting, and intriguing.
  3. Add your supporting links. Use the web links section like a movie uses a supporting cast. Let everyone know more about you by pointing to your Facebook page, blog, personal website, professional articles, Twitter account, YouTube comedic standup audition, etc..
    Tip: Choose “other” for the website and give it a searchable, friendly name like Ryan’s Facebook Page. 
  4. Sprinkle something interesting in addition to the details. Professional mini golfer? Ant farm fanatic? Add this stuff to your “interests” section.
  5. Get your own vanity URL. Instead of http://www.linkedin/in/9434u333, it could be http://www.linkedin/in/[yourname] like http://www.linkedin/in/mbossed
  6. Link out with your signature in any Group discussions. Just like you have an e-mail signature with your most important contact details you should have a text equivalent to end your discussion responses.
  7. List your Skills. More importantly search different skills to see which are gaining or losing popularity in the market.

Advanced Steps for LinkedIn

  1. Create your new resume with resume builder.
  2. Want a more visual resume, then try, see a sample here.
  3. See a visual representation of how your connections are inter-related with inMaps
  4. Get your news stream from your connections and use the meta data filers on the left side to pinpoint those who interest you most through LinkedIn Signal


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