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Lead with your best card

Compared to the status quo, most of the time it does not take much to stand out from the crowd. To be remarkable. This past week’s Sunday Morning on CBS ran a few minutes on the art of business card design.

Even in this high tech world, business cards are the real first point of contact with prospects and customers (just ask Twitter). Hopefully the card invokes a positive response and gets filed away to be used later to retreive a phone number or e-mail address. At worse the recipient might look at your poorly designed, flimsy card and not take you or your business seriously. Business cards are not a part of your marketing materials in which to cust costs!

How to Rock your Business Card

  • heavy weight stock
  • make it interactive with QR Codes
  • list all of your contact methods including social
  • use both sides of the card
  • tell a story
  • specialty stock like plastics, high rag content, etc.
  • unique shapes via diecutting (I would still stay in the traditional format size)
  • special treatments like foil stamping, embossing, etc.

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