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The Perfect Lil’ QR Code Reader

QR Codes are best consumed when out in the real world with your trusted sidekick — your mobile phone. For this reason, most QR Code readers are designed to be installed on a mobile phone. There are a couple of desktop readers for the PC, but good luck finding one for your shiny new Mac. If only there were a cross platform QR Code reader for your computer, the world would be a better place.

The world is now a better place thanks to DANSL’s QRreader software that runs on top of Adobe Air. The app is a one trick pony, but that pony can run.


  1. Download and install Adobe’s Air application
  2. Download and DANSL’s QRreader app
  3. Launch the QRreader software
    (The app will auto recognize an attached webcam.)
  4. Position the QR Code in front of the webcam within the app’s brackets
    (The brackets will turn red if the code is properly read. If the code cannot be read, the app does not respond.)

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