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Who in Graphic Arts is on Twitter? – MindMap Round 2

Get the word out about your social media efforts on Twitter by posting your information to a public Mind Map for all to see. Click on the Retweet This! bird below to automatically post this to your Twitter account.


  1. Increase your Twitter exposure to those who matter.
  2. Easier than digging through Twitter to find others with similar interest.
  3. Categories group the Twitter account by purpose.


  1. Read the Posting Guidelines below.
  2. Learn about the Categories below.
  3. Click the link to be taken to the Mind Map
  4. Create a free account – no registration required to view
  5. Add your Twitter account name and link ([username])

General Guidelines for Posting
to the Mind Map

Thumbsup_30px Do post to the right category.
A description of categories is listed below.

Thumbsup_30px Do create additional categories and sub-categories if necessary.

We all love organization.

Thumbsdown_30px Do not assign a color to the link!

It’s cool to print in color, but not to look at a rainbow mine field.

Thumbsdown_30px Do not create a category for just yourself!

Self promotion is good, vanity is not.

If you are involved within the Graphic Arts community and use Twitter, then post your Twitter information on this Mind Map


    Vendor Twits
    Twitter account officially sanctioned by a print supplier/vendor. Examples of vendors would include MAN Roland, Heidelberg, Kodak, Agfa, etc.

  • Print Punditit Twits
    Twitter users who offer a voice and opinion that add value to the graphic arts community. These are individuals, blogs, or groups that are not affiliated with established vendors or traditional news outlets.
  • Printer Twits
    Print shops that have implemented Twitter in their social media repertoire.
  • Print News Twits
    Printing industry, online news sites who also tweet, i.e. PrintWeek,, etc.
  • Print Publication Twits
    Printed trade magazines that might also have an online presence like American Printer.

Click to see here the Printing Blog Mind Map.

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