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After discovering the mindmeister map for Best Online Collaboration Tools 2009 posted by Robin Good, I discovered that this was a missing link for the printing industry or in this case links. Why is there not an online listing of the most important online content available for print? A reservoir of the collective brain trust to go explore as it were. Better yet, why not let the power of the collaborative web make the information instantly accessible and up-to-date?

If you have a favorite magazine, blog, association, or news outlet for all things within the printing industry, then post the name and link to this online Mind Map.


  1. Read the Posting Guidelines below.
  2. Learn about the Categories below.
  3. Click the link to be taken to the Mind Map
  4. Create a free account – no registration required to view
  5. Add all of your favorite online resources for printing information

General Guidelines for Posting to the Mind Map

  • Do not post links that go directly to any print shop or provider.

    It’s about information, not promoting or selling products!

  • Do not post links that go directly to an print vendor or supplier.

    It’s about information, not promoting or selling products!

  • Do not assign a color to the link!

    It’s cool to print in color, but not to look at a rainbow mine field.

  • Do post to the right category.

    A description of categories is listed below.

  • Do create sub-categories if absolutely necessary.

    We all love organization.


  • Vendor Blogs:
    Post links to any blog that is hosted or endorsed by a print supplier/vendor. Examples of vendors would include MAN Roland, Heidelberg, Kodak, Agfa, etc.
  • Industry Blogs:
    Any blog whose purpose is to  promote and advance print. Examples of industry blogs would be like those hosted by or Graphic Arts Online or the one you are reading.
  • Printer’s Blogs:
    This would include blogs written by the owners or employees of a print provider, seller, or broker. Examples include the blog written by
  • Industry Associations:
    A formal association that provides a service to its members by offering custom information and events. Examples include PIA, NAPL, FTA, etc.
  • User Groups:
    Less formal than trade associations, these groups are all about sharing the tips, tricks, and struggles from a user perspective. Example include DSCOOP, Kodak’s GUA, etc.
  • Online Print News:
    Clearinghouses for any print related information and press releases. Examples include PrintWeek, WhatTheyThink, etc.
  • Printing Publications:
    The magazines we know, love, and can’t live without. Examples include Printing Impressions, Graphic Arts Monthly, etc.
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  • Ryan McAbee

    Thanks for adding your Blog and getting the message out Anne! I hope more links will continue to be posted over time.

  • Anne Stewart

    This is a great idea, Ryan! Just added my blog :)